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Do we really need another blog about rugmaking?

Good question.

I mean really! The Internet offers information galore about crafts and information about rag rugs, rughooking, prodded rugs and more…but in most cases the information, references, videos and examples offered focus on works and artists from the Northern Hemispere where this fibre craft originated.

In recent years, Australian rugcrafters (hookers and prodders) have slowly rediscovered their rag rug roots and the traditional craft virutally “lost” to us in this country. With this in mind, I thought it was a good time to offer a site with information that didn’t simply repeat the same information that could be easily found on other websites, but to focus primarily on rug crafting in Queensland (where I live) and Australia in general.

When asked about rug making or rug hooking, the most common response from a crafter is, “I used to do that when I was a kid”.  What they most probably did was to make latch hook rugs –  which use different tools and materials to produce a very different but distinctive shaggy rug.  As a result, people have tended to discount traditional handcrafted “rag rugs” because they were assumed to be latch hooking.

I am also stuck by the fact that most rug crafters in Australia are reluctant to identify themselves as “professional artists” or even as a “fibre/textile artist” simply because the term “craft” – is often  used in a pejorative sense.

The craft vs/art discussion is one I  hope we might also examine by highlighting how fibre artists in the southern hemisphere are  extending the spectrum of fibre and textile arts through their work.

If you would like to learn more about the “lost” traditional rugmaking craft (and art!) of your transported or migrant grandparents, please considering joining my group or any of the other rugcrafting groups around Australia. (You’ll find links to them on this site).                       International Fibre Art Meeting Perth 2015

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