More about “that” cutting machine


I’ve had a range of emails and comments regarding the cutting machine mentioned in my last post and I thought I’d try to summarise what I’m hearing.

The few people who have purchased/used it have complained that the blades dull quickly (and so don’t cut) or that the cutter doesn’t cut a straight strip.

A few thoughts (and I have not used this machine or even seen it demonstrated although I may ask the next time I’m in Spotlight):

Whenever you buy any product that uses disposable parts, whether it is a battery, gasket, bulb or cutting wheel, it seems sensible to me to order several (or even a quantity) when you buy the product. This is particularly important when it might be a “hard to find” or unusual part. So….don’t expect a cutting blade to last “forever and ever”.

My understanding is that this cutter is for – and used by – people who are quilters and scrapbookers. With that it mind I can understand why it is so important to cut an accurate and straight piece of fabric/paper. However, for those cutting wool or other fabric for hooking, a slight variation doesn’t really matter…unless of course you are a hooker who demands a perfect cut…a cut that is still pretty difficult to achieve with a pair of scissors or a cutting mat. It’s up to you.

Finally, even with the expensive fabric cutting/wool splitting machines that we can buy from O/S the fabric used is always an issue and has an impact on the cutting consistency and how quickly the blades can dull.  With these expensive machines the general recommendation is that you only cut wool or fabric that is mostly wool since, wool doesn’t dull the blades as quickly  and the machines are not designed to cut lightweight synthetics or other fabrics. (Remember..I’m speaking in generalities here).

Things it would be interesting to know:

1. Can this machine cut wool? What weight?

2. Does cutting synthetic fabric dull the blades faster than wool?

3. Does another sewing machine company other than Singer make a machine like this?

OK….I don’t want to give up on this cutter too quickly if it has the potential to cut certain fabrics in narrow strips,