Simple, inexpensive frame for beginners

Those of us who are teaching and promoting this wonderful craft try very hard to keep the cost down for new hookers. Thanks to  Robin Inkpen (Donnybrook Hookers) in WA we have a  great idea for a simple, inexpensive and very workable frame for new hookers.

Step 1:  Buy an artist canvas at your local craft/discount shop.

Step 1 New Artist canvas


Step 2: The canvas needs to secured to the back of the frame. This canvas strip will help to hold the frame together so add enough staples to secure the full length of the strip.

Artist Canvas stapled at back 2


Step 3: Flip the canvas over and staple along the outer edge before you remove the centre of the canvas. You should now have a stapled strip of canvas on the front and back of the frame to provide structural support.

Canvas removed from centre 3


Step 4: Lay the frame on top of a square of prepared hessian. You may wish to draw your design on the hessian before you move on to Step 5.

Canvas cut out with hessian 4

Step 5: Fold and stretch the hessian tightly over the fame and staple securely.

Hessian covered frame from back 5


Step 6: You’re finished! You can start your next project with a quick and inexpensive frame. If you need more tension, simply re-staple the fabric as you need.

Hessian Tacked to frame from front 6

Many thanks to Robin for a great idea!