Take the colour challenge

Getting the colours right for your work can make all the difference between a piece that “looks right” and one that is “off” but you just don’t know how.

Here’s a great website that lets you test your ability to see the subtle changes in colours as you assess them for their different values.

Have a go at:   http://www.xrite.com/online-color-test-challenge


2 thoughts on “Take the colour challenge”

  1. Gosh, I am certainly colour challenged. My first score was 50 [ yes, I know, abysmal] The second time around I got down to 15 and the third time 13. Just shows you, I never knew I was that bad at differentiating between small changes in value. Oh, well, such is life. 🙂

  2. I too took the challenge…but I was on a Skype call at the time so wasn’t really concentrating (on the call or on the challenge? Not sure!) At any rate, I managed to get 15 while doing this and didn’t re-take it….didn’t want to press my luck! It was an interesting activity though, eh?

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