How to build a Tall Ship: “Tenacious”

Tall Ship "Tenacious" docked in Belgium (ship photo and rug); 26 x 28 recycled wool blankets, alpaca/mohair yarns, sari silk, sculpted, hooking Adaptation with image of original ship
Tall Ship “Tenacious” docked in Belgium (ship photo and rug); 26 x 28 recycled wool blankets, alpaca/mohair yarns, sari silk, sculpted, hooking Adaptation with image of original ship

Hooking a Waldoboro-style wall-hanging of the Tall Ship Tenacious was a daunting project on a number of levels. This ship is one of only two tall ships (the other is the Lord Nelson) in the world that have been especially built to be sailed by disabled sailors. The ships are owned and managed by the Jubilee Sailing Trust (a charitable organisation) out of the UK and the ships are “at home” in Southhampton, GB.

My brother-in-law sails as an able-bodied sailor on both these ships and in 2013, the Lord Nelson will be in Sydney, Australia  3-11 October for the International Fleet Review of the Royal Australian Navy.

So…my challenge started! I don’t know anything about sailing and I had the rigging wrong at first and had to rework the piece several times. If you are interested in seeing how I built my first Tall Ship have a look below:

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2 thoughts on “How to build a Tall Ship: “Tenacious””

  1. A punch needle rug hooking friend (we are both Oxford certified) is just discovering traditional hooking and sent me your post regarding your wonderful Waldoboro piece. The Tenacious looks perfect – what are the dimensions? I’ve done this technique and appreciate the work involved. Thanks for sharing your work with us who find you. I do hope that you are an ATHA member so that the rest of the US/Canada/Britain etc. know of your hard work. Hildegard

  2. G’day Hildegard….thank you for your kind words about my Tall Ship “Tenacious”. This was a commission piece done for one of the men who helped design, build and sail on her. (It is only one of two Tall Ships in the world especially designed to be sailed by disabled sailors). The Tenacious (the hooked piece) is now in Belgium (ship photo and rug) and is shown here with the photo (the only thing I had to work with!) The piece is slightly oval (about 26in x 28in) and was designed so it appeared that the viewer was seeing the ship through another ship’s porthole. It is heavily sculped (Waldoboro – about 2.5-3in thick) using recycled wool blankets, alpaca/mohair yarns, sari silk, and a few bead embellishments.
    I did join ATHA many years ago but since I live in OZ (I am an American ex-Pat originally from Michigan) the ATHA information really wasn’t useful to me here. The magazine is unfortunately too expensive for us to subscribe to from overseas and there is no way for us outside of the US to access the information, library and other resources and benefits from ATHA so I stopped subscribing.
    Thanks again for your interest in my piece…I’ll be interested to see what you do with the punchneedle. I have used punchneedle for some “special effects” but it’s hard to get a long enough loop to get the kind of depth I want with my pieces…plus I tend to use blanket wool and heavy 8-10 strand carpet wool in my work and those don’t work in punchneedles for me!
    Thanks again….regards
    Judi (Queensland, Australia)

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