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Through the drop-down menu you will find links to some of the organsations, blogs and artists I like or know who are involved with textile and fibre arts in Australia and across Oceania.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of people, places and things, just some people who’s work I like and organisations I find useful when I have questions or inspiration.

If you are looking for international groups and you don’t see them here,  check the right-hand side of each page where you’ll find links to some of my favourite organisations and artists from the northern hemisphere.

I hope you find this useful.



2 thoughts on “Links and Blogs”

  1. Judi, Ooh Thank you. I have only looked at one of the youtube videos so far, the Shea Hembrey one, and it was wonderful. What an imagination. Just soo good. I recommend it to anyone else who has come onto Judi’s website. Thanks. Robin

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