Gene Shepherd How to Hook Rugs

This is Gene Shepherd’s free beginning rug hooking video. It shows you step by step instructions for hooking your first rug. There are also a few pointers for more advanced rug hooking. ENJOY!

2 thoughts on “Gene Shepherd How to Hook Rugs”

  1. Love your videos. Do you know where I can purchase 5mm bent ergonomic hooks?Thanks for your help

    1. HI Sandra…sorry to be so slow about responding to your question. The 5mm bent hooks can be bough from several of us “hookers” here in OZ (we have to order these hooks from either Ireland, the UK or USA) and generally we all sell them to you at our cost plus postage….these hooks usually cost about $35+postage so it would depend on where you live and which teacher in which state has the supply on hand!
      Otherwise you can order what you want yourself from the online websites …I think I have listed the O/S suppliers (like Gene Shepherd and others).
      Where are you located Sandra? And have you been hooking long? We are always hoping to get new members to join the Australia Guild ($20/yr) so we can build up our networks.
      Hope this helps…let me know if you need more information.
      Regards, Judi

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