Here I have listed some of the reasonably priced online craft suppliers I use. Included are a few sites where you might not think to look for rug crafting materials (like embroidery, quilting, jewelry making, etc.).

The drop-down menu indicates people and businesses I like and use (in Australia and overseas) when I purchase fibre art and textile supplies for rug crafting and fibre art. To be on “my” list it means that they:

  • provide good/prompt service
  • offer a secure  payment option (generally PayPal but not all use this)
  • sell what I believe to be a quality product
  • sells at a fair or reasonable price
  • are willing to “make good” on any problems you may have

When a supplier stops doing any one of these things, I will remove them from my list.

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9 thoughts on “Suppliers”

    1. Hello. I wish to purchase a hooked tool for rag rug making. I live in New Zealand.
      What would you recommend?
      Thank you
      Sally Jory

      1. G’day Sally!
        It depends on what kind of rug hooking will be doing. Will you be prodding as well or just hooking? What size cut will you use? If you look on the site for “Suppliers” you will find the people listed under “Australia” (Miriam Miller in NSW might be able to help you) who you can contact for hooks; or you can check the people I have listed under the “International” section. There are a lot of online hook suppliers from the US/UK/Canada since this is where this craft originated. Currently any of us here in OZ who hook have to order hooks from O/S because there is no-one here who makes them.
        If you are still stuck in finding a hook, or knowing what the right hook might be, do check back.
        Also, you might be interested to know that several years ago we started the Australian Rugmakers Guild (our website is at: which covers activities in Oceania (that means NZ too!) and we have a Facebook page at: Australian Rugmakers Guild

        Hope this helps!

  1. Hi I was wondering if you can purchase kits with the cotton strips and not the wool? Thanks so much

    1. G’day Sarah….I don’t actually supply kits…you would have to contact any of the people listed in the suppliers list to see what they do. In general, most kits (if they are sold in Australia) do not include the fabric for completing the piece….what you use is up to you since you can hook or prod with any fabric you have on hand that will look and handle the way you want. Most often you will find that kits sold in this country will include good instructions and illustrations on how to do the project and it may or may not include the backing fabric (which may or may not have the design already drawn for you)…and sometimes the kit will include the appropriate tool. A lot depends on what you are looking for and who you contact.
      Judith Stephens in South Australia (listed as a supplier) sells a range of kits and supplies.
      Robin Inkpen in WA has a carpet bag kit available.
      There are others out there but you’ll need to contact them for what you want and see if they can help you.
      Hope this helps.
      Happy Holidays.

  2. I have three hand rug tufters which need a good home. I purchased and used them in Mexico 45 years ago.

    1. Hi Lorraine
      Would you happen to still have these rug tufters
      I would so love to have them.

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