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The drop-down menu indicates people I know and businesses I use to purchase fibre art and textile supplies for rug crafting and hooking. To be on “my” list it means that they:

  • provide good/prompt service
  • offer a secure  payment option (generally PayPal but not all use this)
  • sell what I believe to be a quality product
  • sells at a fair or reasonable price
  • are willing to “make good” on any problems you may have

When a supplier stops doing any one of these things, I will remove them from my list.


8 thoughts on “Australia”

  1. I would like to purchase latch hook matting to make a 2 meter rug out of tshirts and stretch fabric. Can you supply and at what cost?


  2. G’day Jennifer….Sorry….the rughooking that I do is the traditional type (ie. NOT latch hooking which is craft that emerged in the 1970s or there abouts.) From what I know about latch hooking I don’t know that you can even use T-shirts and stretch fabric with the latch hooker….I thought those rugs were generally made with pre-cut lengths of yarn. You can use any fabric with the hooking or prodding tools of this traditional craft but I’m not clear as to what you intend to do. If you want to get latch hoooking information and supplies (which I don’t have) you can get that I think from someplace like Spotlight or from any of the online craft websites in Australia. Have a look at what they are doing to see if that is what you wanted to do…it might be that you were thinking of Locker Hooking (again…I know there are websites and YouTube videos on how to do this technique as well). I’m not sure how flexible Locker Hooking is to handle the use of different fabrics…it may be that if your strips are narrow enough to get through the canvas you can use fabric rather than knitting yarn. Once again…try a web search on Locker Hooking and see if that was the technique you wanted. The bottom line for me is that I don’t do latch hooking (and have only tried locker hooking a little bit) so I don’t supply any of the canvas, tools or equipment for those crafts. My focus is on saving Australia’s nearly lost traditional craft of traditional rughooking. Good luck with your searches. Let me know if you have other questions. Where are you located Jennifer? You might find a craft group in your area.

  3. Hello Judi, I am wanting to purchase rya rug backing or an alternative. Is there any such thing available in Australia…do you have any suggestions? I have looked on the net and only found sites in USA and they do not ship to Australia. Thanks

    1. G’day Elizabeth…I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with “rya” rug backing….you might contact Bec Anderson (her contact info is on this site under “Australian suppliers”)…Bec is a fibre artist at Tambourine Mt near Brisbane and I know she carries a range of products. You might also try contacting Miriam Miller (NSW) or Judith Stephens (SA) both of their contact info is on this site and they may be more familiar with the type of backing you are trying to find. Good Luck! Judi

  4. Hi Judy
    Do you know where i can buy latch rug backing from in Melbourne. I wanted to make a pom pom rug with left over wool but can’t seem to find anywhere that stocks ir

    1. I am also looking for the same. I’ve even bought a popmpom maker and an busy making pompoms, but can’t find the backing stuff. Have you had any luck?

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