Hooking tools clockwise from 12 o'clock: 5mm straight brass hook; 3mm short hook; 5mm bent ergonomic hook; 5mm short hook with turned handle; 5mm brass ergonomic hook with ball handle; 5mm brass ergonomic hook with pear-shaped handle; 8mm straight brass hook; 5mm straight hook with soapstone handle; 5mm straight brass hook with pear-shaped handle; 2 brass punch needles; 2 wood handled punch needles;Shuttle tufting tool.

The drop-down menu lists some of the international businesses where I often purchase fibre art and textile supplies for rug crafting and hooking. To be on “my” list it means that they:

  •  Provide good/prompt service – generally the turn-around time for orders is about 10 days.
  • offer a secure  payment option (generally PayPal but not all use this)
  • sell what I believe to be a quality product
  • sells at a fair or reasonable price
  • are willing to “make good” on any problems you may have

If a supplier stops doing any one of these things, I will remove them from my list.




2 thoughts on “International”

  1. I m interested in making a rug with hooking. Therefore need to buy hooks and cutter at economical price. Please advise how to buy. thanks.

    1. Varsha…since I don’t know where you live and I’m not really a supplier of these materials your best bet is to look on the Internet and search on terms related to “rug hooking” “rug hooks” and “fabric splitters” (which is what fabric cutters are called).
      Good luck!

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