Rug Tufting (machine) with Meg Little

For those of you who have already contacted Bec Anderson at Tambourine Mt, QLD you know that her work is primarily rug tufting. I thought you might find this video interesting because it shows how this rug / fibre art work it done. This one features Meg Little an American artist and you can see her backing fabric (like the synthetic linen we are buying) and how this process differs from traditional rug hooking. Rug tufting is worked from the back like a prodded rug but produces the loop effect of hooking on the front side.

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    1. Hi Michael Silva…sorry to be so very slow in getting back to you. As regards the rug tufting…it isn’t something I actually do (I was just making sure people had an idea of what kind of rugmaking has been done)….that having been said…I don’t know where you live but there is a woman in QLD (Bec Andersen at Tambourine Mt) who does do some rug tufting I believe…her contact info is on this site under teachers. Or you can simply Google her name + rugs (I think this will get you there:
      Good luck…I hope this helps!
      Regards, Judi

  1. Dear Judi
    After seeing Meg Little at work I have bought a couple of tufting machines and am having a terrible time trying to locate wool cones suppliers. We have bought skeins of wool but they literally have to be rewound so as to feed into the gun. Can you help here please?

  2. Dear Judi
    I have purchased rug tufting guns and have a problem getting cones of wool here in Australia. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Judi,
      May I ask where you purchased your tufting gun from.. I’m having trouble finding a supplier.

  3. Hi folks,
    I’m in the UK and I buy end of line cones from a large carpet manufacturer here.
    When they finish with a certain carpet colourway, some manufacturers will sell their leftover wool cones to the public. I buy mine by the weight. They are still on cones but I have to take what they have at the time. Hope that helps.

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