Useful Online Rug Groups

There are some great online rug groups you can join that are useful if you don't have access to a rug group in your area where you can get help, information and some social interaction. Do take a look that'll find the members very helpful and you'll be given advice and help from some excellent rug hookers and fibre artists!
Rug Hooking Daily - based in New Brunswick,  Canada  offers a huge amount of information and resources for free. Find them at:
Yahoo Rug Hookers - US-based rug group that includes a number Australian members...they get a bit too "off the subject" for me sometimes but do offer some useful ideas. They are at:
The Welcome Mat - Ontario, Canada offers classes and a huge range of information and support - ).

Gene Shepherd (California) offers a free blog / website as well as a subscription site for the Internet Rug Camp. Gene's at:
That should get you started! If you need other specific information let me know and I'll see if I can help.

4 thoughts on “Useful Online Rug Groups”

  1. Hallo Judi,
    I have just become interested in trying to make a Rag Rug and found your site.
    I am about to spend a bit of time browsing through, but what I was after was a recommendation of a good instruction book that can be purchase in Australia. I don’t wish to go overseas especially with the way the Aussie dollar is falling.

    Also, I clicked on your site regarding the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine. Actually I have purchased one of these, with the table and have used it once. Anyhow, it is gathering dust (life direction change), so if you happen to know of anyone looking to purchase same, please email me.

    Thanks for all your info.


    1. G’day Lois…Yes… is one Australian written book in this country by Miriam Miller from Narrawilly Farm in NSW (I don’t know where you live – I’m in QLD – but it you are nearby it would be worth visiting Miriam!) You will find Miriam’s contact information on my site under Australian suppliers (or you can simply Google her name and her website will pop up). Let me know if you have trouble finding her information.
      With regard to your cutting machine you might find it useful if you decide to do some rug hooking so you might want to “hang on” to it for now…you might also be interested in joining the Australian Rugmakers Guild (this nation-wide group was started about 8 years ago to network those of us in Australia who were involved in saving this lost traditional craft….take a look at the website at:
      The fee to join is nominal but it would give you access to the national network of our members for more information (or visits) and our online selling area.
      Hope some of this information helps….if you run into trouble please let me know.
      Regards, Judi

  2. I love your site! I live in Kyle Texas (26 miles south of Austin). Thanks for information I have never seen before and I have been hooking a long time. Kevy Stirling

  3. Hi Judi
    I have spent a very long frustrating afternoon searching the internet looking for what I remembered as rug hooking from my childhood. I was just about to give up when I happened to type in rug crafting Australia and up popped your site and thank goodness it did. I distinctly remember punching the wool through and cutting the loops and I still have the big brass needle I used so I knew I was’nt totally mad. So now I just need to find some patterns, some fabric,wool and off I go.
    Thanks so much

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