What fabric is that?

Sample fabricsWe know it is nearly impossible to buy standard backing fabrics in Australia which makes it a bit difficult to figure out what the material looks like and how to use it if you decide to order online. Here are a couple of websites in the US who at least give some information and good photos of what on earth they are talking about – Monk’s Cloth indeed!

Dorr Mill Store is in New Hampshire (east coast of the US)…if you order from them they will bill you separately for the shipping. There website however offers some good information on the equipment and materials used in this craft and they have a “tips” section that is useful: Visit them at:  http://dorrmillstore.com/index.php

I love Rughooking is in California and also gives good information with photos about the fabrics, tools and equipment. Visit them at: http://www.iloverughooking.com/


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