Workshops, Events & Meetings

Wool Blankets - Dye range
Wool Blankets – Dye range

Here you can find information on rugcrafting workshop, activities and other interesting fibre & textile art events that are happening in Queensland and across Australia.

When appropriate I will also flag some of international and online events.

Thanks for your interest.


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  1. hi judi, my old computer finally gave up the ghost, so i am sending this on my new laptop which is fun but still getting used to it. it has windows 8 which is all new to me. however going to a computer class for ‘oldies’ on a tuesday mornig which is great!
    hope life is treating u well.
    i am going to give a talk and demo tonight at a village hall near cardiff. wish me luck! life is improving here in wales particularly now that spring is on the way. i will skype u soon. luv jane

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