Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters (QLD)

The Sunshine Coast Rugcrafters meets the Second Friday and the Third Tuesday of each month from 2.30-5.30pm at the Beerwah Library, 25 Peachester Road, Beerwah, QLD. (The library is across the road from the Woolworths in Beerwah.)

New members are always welcome!

Please contact me thought this website (see: the “contact me” tab) if you have questions.

Meeting dates for remainder of 2016:
Friday                  Tuesday

13 May                     17 May
10 Jun                       21 Jun
8 Jul                          19 Jul
12 Aug                      16 Aug
9 Sept                       20 Sept
14 Oct                       18 Oct
11 Nov                      15 Nov
9 Dec                         20 Dec

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters (QLD)”

  1. Hi there I just found this link while trying to source a locker hooking tool. This is like a crochet hook with an eye like a needle in the other end.
    Are you familiar with this?
    do you know where I can buy one?
    Vicki Fitzgibbon

    1. HI Vicki…sorry to be so slow in responding to you. Yes I am familiar with locker hooking (it too is a slightly older craft than latch hooking). I assume you have already checked with places like Spotlight and such? I can’t remember if I ever saw any there….but you can order from a number of places online…I think there is a woman out of the Sydney area (Punch with Judy) who I believe may sell these…otherwise simply Google a phrase like “locker hooking Australia” and you should find some online sources for this craft. I see that you are in Woodford….if you are interested at all in the “lost” traditional craft of rug hooking (or rag rug making) you’d be welcome to join our informal group the Sunshine Coast Rug Crafters…we meet at the Beerwah library 2.30-5.30pm on the Second Monday and third Tuesday of each month.
      Let me know if you have trouble finding the locker hooks and I’ll do a bit more searching.
      Regards, Judi

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